Embrace black and white letterpress print
Monoline Script & wood type, linocut / Mohawk Superfine / 2 inks / 3 passes / 7×9.5 inches

“What does it mean to embrace grief when it feels boundless?”

Words by On Being, from the caption of their Instagram post about Elena Zhang’s article on loss and The Leftovers. I stumbled across this question one afternoon when I was struggling to come up with a response to the theme of “embrace” for the Letterpress Workers International Summit — the words sunk in and opened up a door right in the middle of me.

Printed on a 1901 Golding Jobber, this double sided letterpress print features wood and metal type on the front, and a linocut on the back. Available in our store.

Detail of Embrace print
Detail of the front.

Form for printing built from wood and metal type.

Embrace print, yellow brackets on back
Back of the print: brackets from our metal type collection, blown up and carved into lino.

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