Everything Exists—Mallarmé

black and white letterpress print
Title Gothic & Perpetua / 100# French / 1 ink / 3 passes / 11×17 in

Excerpt from “Les Livre, Instrument Spirituel,” an essay Stéphane Mallarmé wrote in 1895. This is the inaugural print on Expedition’s recently acquired Colt’s Armory Press, celebrating six months’ elbow grease now graduated to inking! The text selection was inspired by a conversation with Matthew Carter. Available for sale in our store.

colts armory printing press
The Colt’s!

This 1906 Colt’s Armory Press previously belonged to Harold Berliner of Nevada City. It came to Expedition by way of Steve Shaiman, with help from Copper Canyon Press. Full of wonder and gratitude, we are honored to be appointed its new caretaker.

metal type locked up for printing
Type form all locked up for printing the first pass.

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