Hope / No Hope

hope black and red letterpress print
Garamond & gothic wood type/ Domestic Etch / 2 inks / 3 passes / 8.5×9 inches

This print was created for the deluxe edition of Letterpress Workers’ 2017 book, with the theme of “Hope” counterbalancing the theme of “Fear” from 2016’s in-person edition. Letterpress Workers International Summit is an an annual meeting in Milan of printers, designers, calligraphers, and artists from across Europe and the Americas. Each year letterpress workers gather to share ideas, techniques, and make new work together. It’s a great honor to participate!

Original letterpress print, design and words by Myrna Keliher. Printed on a 1901 Golding Jobber from handset wood and metal type. Open edition signed by the artist. Available from Letterpress Workers as part of a beautiful international portfolio and book; or on its own in Expedition’s online shop.

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