Poem about My Rights—June Jordan

Sabina with Poem about My Rights broadside
Photo credit: Larkin Smith

Created by teen activist Sabina Smith, 80% of proceeds from this broadside go to Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood. Over $2000 donated so far.

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8.5 x 49 inches
2 inks / 6 passes
Handset wood & metal type
Limited edition, 125 copies

“Poem about My Rights” by June Jordan, Directed by Desire, Copper Canyon Press. Copyright 2005 by June M. Jordan Literary Estate. Designed and printed by Sabina Smith and Myrna Keliher, 2017–18. We offer this poem to all who need its strength. Read the story behind the print in Sabina’s own words.

The first of 6 different forms, built from handset type, that were used to print this broadside.

Final pages on the drying rack.

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