Wish—W.S. Merwin

letterpress print of Wish by W.S. Merwin
Plate from handwriting & Remington Rand / Simpsons Archival / 3 inks / 6×9 inches

“Wish” by W.S. Merwin from The Essential W.S. Merwin, Copper Canyon Press. This two-sided print shows the poem in its original form, with Merwin’s own handwriting reproduced via photopolymer. On the back, the poem is set in Remington Rand, a typewriter face rarely found in metal type. Designed and printed by Myrna Keliher late 2017/early 2018, with special thanks to Michael Wiegers for the inspiration and impetus.

First edition, 125 copies. Available for sale in our store.

Wish by W.S. Merwin in handset type
12pt Remington Rand, form for the back of the print.
Wish by W.S. Merwin letterpress printed
Detail of the back of the print.
Plate for printing Wish by W.S. Merwin
Photopolymer plate of Merwin’s handwriting.

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