Discovery Remains—Richard Hugo

This project is the result of a close collaboration with the fabulous Tree Swenson, and really cemented our friendship. It was created as a gift for donors to Hugo House, Seattle’s writing center, to celebrate the opening of their new home, September 2018.

When selecting the text, Tree and I scoured Hugo’s collected poems, The Triggering Town, archived notes from Hugo’s students, and writing about his writing. A tough choice. It came back to a question of audience, who are we making this for? Writers, of course! And those who love them. We imagined this print at a writer’s desk—speaking to all who write, all who create, and all who desire to but perhaps haven’t yet.

Production notes

Author: Richard Hugo
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company
Project partner: Tree Swenson, Hugo House
Type: Perpetua & wood type
Paper: 100# Mohawk Superfine white
Ink: 2 colors / 2 passes
Press: 1906 Colt’s Armory
Size: 9×12 inches
Edition: 400 copies
Date: September 2018
Not for sale.

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