Happy Hour’s Command—Walt Whitman

happy hour's command letterpress print
Mohawk Superfine Cover / Emerson & Gothic wood types / 2 inks

Excerpt from Specimen Days & Collect, Walt Whitman, 1883. The artist was taken with Walt’s introduction to the book, discussing publishing ethics and process; the double entendre re: libations happily occurred after the fact of printing. Designed and printed by Myrna Keliher in residence at Wells Book Arts Center, Wells College, Aurora NY. Open edition, 100 copies printed. Available for sale in our store.

wood and metal type for letterpress print
First proof of the type, showing the type form. Note the metal type shown here is Optima, which was swapped out in favor of Emerson after this proof was pulled.
print detail, happy with green leaves
The Wells collection is home to a great many wonders, including a beautiful set of plant specimen cuts, two of which were printed over the wood type text in light green.