I Had Not Seen It—Pablo Neruda

black and pink letterpress poetry print
Standard Medium & gothic wood type / 100# Mohawk Superfine / 2 inks / 8×12 inches

“I Had Not Seen It” (No lo había mirado) by Pablo Neruda from Book of Twilight, translated by William O’Daly, Copper Canyon Press 2017. Commissioned by Copper Canyon to celebrate the new English translation of Neruda’s first book, Crepusculario.

Designed and printed from handset metal and wood type on a 1906 Colt’s Armory Press, summer 2017. Limited edition of 200 copies signed and numbered by the artist.

wood and metal type form for printing
Detail of the type form used to print this piece.
colts armory press inked in pink
Our Colt’s Armory inked up in pink for the first time! Printing the accent and credit line.

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