Penguin Bookcase

Plakadur & brass rule / 4 inks / 17.5×10 inches

Printed in collaboration with Thomas Gravemaker at LetterpressAmsterdam, this piece was inspired by a colorful bookcase of Penguin Books, passed down to Thomas by his mother who was a great reader. It was produced from start to finish in three days, interspersed with many coffee breaks, people watching, and bike riding in the center of Amsterdam.

Printed from plakadur rule, brass rule, and two tiny lines of metal type on a Vandercook proof press. Edition of 30, signed and numbered by the artists. Very few copies available for sale in Expedition’s online store (but if you’re in Europe, contact Thomas for a copy!).

printing form inked up in orange
Form for the first pass, orange books of plakadur and brass rule.

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