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About Myrna Keliher

Portrait of Myrna Keliher by Jovelle Tamayo

Myrna Keliher is an artist, typographer, editor and printer who lives and works in Kingston WA. She owns and operates Expedition Press, a letterpress printshop focused on poetry and type. Myrna studied literature and printing at the Evergreen State College and later apprenticed with Stern & Faye, Printers. She is passionate about language, space, letters, teaching, and getting people to read poetry. She volunteers for Letterpress Workers International and travels often. Off press, she loves to hike in the Olympic Mountains and co-founded Wild Society, a wilderness education nonprofit.

Here are some interviews and articles about her work:

And organizations she's active with:

 Myrna Keliher on press, printing

Myrna Keliher with dictionary

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