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What we do

Expedition’s work aims to make poetry public in a way that’s difficult to ignore and easy to disseminate. Mostly, we print words on paper. Sometimes we paint them on walls. We offer editorial support as well.

We ship our work worldwide: you can buy prints here on our website. We always get permission and we often collaborate directly with the authors and publishers whose words and books we work with. 

Printing & artwork

We print poetry on paper of various sizes, from excerpts on small cards to full broadsides. We also produce other kinds of original artwork across many media. These activities often correspond and interrelate.

Our projects are typically solicited and often self-initiated. Expedition Press is not open for submissions. We don’t have the resources to responsibly attend to unsolicited manuscripts and we’re not focused on publishing. At odds with this reality is our desire to discover new work and to support working writers.

There’s no easy answer here. If you’re an author who wants to work with us, we welcome a hello email with a note about what you see in our work and why you’re interested. We may be slow to respond and the answer is often no. Regardless. Please keep writing and we will keep reading.

Collaborations & commissions

We do collaborative projects that call attention to a given text, as well as straight-across commissions (design and print for hire). We love to take an active role in helping promote authors whose work we admire and independent publishers and nonprofits whose values align with ours. Cross-pollination is good for the literary ecosystem!

Typical projects include broadsides, inserts, bookmarks, postcards, keepsakes, etc. We offer editorial support (selecting, content and copyediting, proofreading) and help with digital assets as well (process photos, product copy, social sharing, storytelling, etc). If you want words on a wall, we’re happy to talk about that too. Direct inquiries to myrna (at)

What we don’t do

We don’t offer self-publishing services; we don’t make books for hire; we don’t do wedding invitations (unless we love you tons); we rarely do digital design-only work. We don’t do much jobwork (business cards, announcements, invites, etc) but we do enjoy it, especially for memorials. We make time to support local folks doing good work in our community whenever possible. We can also recommend a number of great designers and printers with different specialties, please ask.