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Who we are

Expedition Press is run by artist Myrna Keliher and a lot of other people are involved, from international residencies to late-night packaging and pizza delivery by dear neighbors. Our work is supported by a lively cadre of artists, authors, binders, clients, engineers, family, friends, interns, local businesses, poets, and printers for whom we are deeply grateful.

About Myrna

Myrna Keliher with dictionary

Myrna Keliher is an artist, typographer, editor and printer who lives and works in Seattle, WA. She owns and operates Expedition Press, a letterpress printshop focused on poetry and type. Myrna studied literature and printing at the Evergreen State College and later apprenticed with Stern & Faye, Printers. She is passionate about language, spacing, letters, teaching, and getting people to read poetry. She volunteers for Letterpress Workers International and Letterpress United. Off press, she loves to hike in the Olympic Mountains and co-founded Wild Society, a wilderness education nonprofit.

Here are some interviews and articles about her work:

And organizations she's active with:


About Mabel

Mabel the shop dog looking up from her bed at Expedition Press

Mabel came to the shop with no previous experience but has grown quickly and adjusted well. She arrived in spring 2021 after a close shave with death at 8 weeks old and was rescued and revived by the wonderful folks at Saving Our Companion Animals in Fort Bend County, Texas. It's hard to imagine life without her.

Mabel sleeps a lot and knows to stay in her bed when the presses are running. For the most part she lays low, but lets Myrna know when it's time to take a break — be it lunch, a short excursion to the ball park, or her favorite, a beach walk at low tide. Mabel loves people and is working hard on polite greetings at the shop door. Friends and new folks alike are terribly exciting. She loves sticks, poop, and prizes the orange ball, especially when thrown by a blue stick. She's darn good with a frisbee too.

While sand drifts collect under the type cabinets from all she tracks in, her sweet face constantly reminds that there's more to life than work.

Dark brown puppy with speckly white toes and an orange ball grinning on the beach with tongue hanging out