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Tired of Knocking SECOND
Tired of Knocking SECOND

Tired of Knocking SECOND


This print is a second. That means it is imperfect but still useful. May have flaws in paper, inking, dents, dings, etc. Ships as-is, unpackaged.


Original letterpress print 
6x9 inches 

Printed on a 1901 Golding Jobber press from handset type and photopolymer. Created by Sabina Smith and Myrna Keliher with Arabic type designed by Mamoun Sakkal. 1 ink / 3 passes on Neenah Environment paper. Type is Perpetua and Sakkal. Credit on reverse.

From Dear White Critic/ ” by Zeina Hashem BeckThe Adroit Journal, Issue 14. Copyright 2019 Zeina Hashem Beck.