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Two emails a month: poetry, new prints, process stories, discounts, gratitude.

We don't like a lot of email and expect you don’t either. But also, we love to read and write and share what we’re making and the stories behind it.

We send an email every other week, typically on Fridays. Our emails include new releases, process stories, reference links, a quarterly letter from Myrna, and discount codes. We spend a lot of time curating the content and working to distill it toward what’s beautiful and useful. Each one is edited obsessively and well-grounded in the words we love that we’re printing.

We've mostly stopped using social media, except for Instagram sporadically. Email gets priority. Our mailing list sees new work first and gets to hear what’s on the horizon for our hearts and hands. They get discounts too and heaps of gratitude.

Strange to say, but email feels more in our control these days and hopefully in yours too. It is a quieter space for thoughtful content curating. For calmer writing and slower reading. A space outside The Algorithm, that complex machinery that’s so hard to see and manipulates us deeply, on the daily. We work hard to inhabit online social spaces ethically. We do not pay for advertising on social media and we do not track user's personal data wherever we have the option to turn it off. We still find the spaces useful and love connecting there but so much is out of our control about who sees what when.

We rely on email to get our work out to those who want to see it most.

We’d love to include you.