Expedition Press is a letterpress printshop in Kingston, WA focused on poetry and type. Our mission is to deepen regard for language and increase access to poetry.

Golding Jobber press, Myrna working on type, prints on the wall at Expedition Press

Poetry provides direct access to our deepest interiors and so we print it, for ourselves and others. We make striking language seen and felt: able to be experienced, held, and remembered. To this end we produce art on paper with letters, including poetry broadsides, small prints, and custom projects.

We are working to embed anti-racist practices in every aspect of our own (white) lives. This is ongoing work. We know poetry is vital to our understanding of social justice. We know imagination is crucial to freedom. We fight to make space for imagination in our everyday visual environment.

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We love to share stories and we'd love to hear yours. You can connect with us on Instagram and sign up for our quarterly email updates below. If you are interested in working with us, take a look at what we do, and email project inquiries to myrna (at) expedition.press.

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