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Hello! We love to talk (especially about poetry and type), so let's talk!

Email is best: Instagram is second-best: @expeditionpress.

Myrna talking intently in the middle of her shop, Expedition Press

You're invited to join our mailing list (sign up below). We send roughly quarterly email updates and sporadic process notes. Once in a while we send letterpress postcards too (if we've got your physical address). Speaking of, here's ours:

General shipping:

Expedition Press
PO Box 833
Kingston WA 98346
United States


Expedition Press
10990 NE State Highway 104
Unit 833
Kingston WA 98346
United States

    If you are interested in working with us, please read about what we do, and send us an email. Inquiries from authors, publishers, literary nonprofits, and bookstores are especially welcome. We prioritize projects with BIPOC authors and organizations.

    If you are a student and want to learn about how we do what we do, please reach out. We can't guarantee an internship or workshop but we do love to teach when we're able, and can point you toward further resources to learn.

    Finally, we love to hear stories about how you found our work and what the words mean to you. Please do share! Your stories deepen our practice and steady our resolve in more ways than we can say. Thank you.

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