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23" Challenge Guillotine SOLD

23" challenge guillotine paper cutter for sale

SOLD! 23" Challenge guillotine paper cutter. Asking $900.

Sharp, clean, square, solid clamp — this small guillotine cuts big stacks of paper with ease. It's used often in a working print shop and the only reason for selling is that we're getting a bigger one!

Style H, serial # 6119, sold by American Type Founders at some point. Overall dimensions with blade down: 40" wide x 48" deep by 57" tall (with base. Machine is 22" tall). It's mounted on a sturdy cart on casters, which isn't pretty but is super functional. Has only one blade, it's sharp. Comes with lots of extra cutting sticks, a secure wooden knife holder for when you need to sharpen it (and I can tell you where and how to do that if you're in the western WA area), and a little custom tool kit with bolts for taking the knife off safely. Ruler in bed of cutter is imperial.

This is the perfect guillotine for a serious printer who's looking to level up, maybe newer but not just starting out, ready to be able to cut your own stock in your own shop but needing something that won't take up a huge amount of space. Or maybe you're at the other end of your printing life and wanting to downsize but not compromise cutting quality and function?

It's lived in many different places in my shop over the years, fits particularly well in a corner as the bed is triangular at the back. I got this cutter from Stern and Faye and it's served me fabulously for 9 years. I cleaned and polished it a couple years ago one rainy weekend just because I love it. I hope you love it too.

Located in Kingston, WA at Expedition Press, a few blocks from the ferry. Easy load out, ground floor, garage door, cement pad continues outside with no lip. Buyer is responsible for pickup and transport, we'll help with loading.

Hope to have it moved before July 1, 2023, as that's the day we're moving our new guillotine in!! Please direct all inquiries to