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William Stafford broadside

letterpress print of William Stafford's A Story That Could Be True

“A Story That Could Be True” by William Stafford, from Ask Me: 100 Essential Poems. Reprinted with permission from the Estate of William Stafford and Graywolf Press. Five-color letterpress broadside from handset type, designed and printed by Myrna Keliher at Expedition Press.

Commissioned for a wedding keepsake, this print was a surprise gift for the bride, who in turn gifted it to the guests. We don’t do a lot of wedding-related work but when the groom called and started off with “my fiancée’s favorite poet is William Stafford...” needless to say it was a conversation we were happy to entertain! 

Project notes: type is Perpetua, paper is Rising Stonehenge, 5 inks, limited edition, not for sale.

 metal type form of William Stafford's name and a poem

18 & 24pt perpetua: metal type form used to print the poem.

 detail of blue ink gradient and constellation on letterpress print

Hand-inked runs of reflex blue mixed with transparent white were overlaid to create the blue gradient.