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Expedition’s off to Europe!

sambas and backpack at airport

I will be abroad for the next three weeks, tromping around Europe in search of old friends, cold brews, and all things letterpress. From Gaudi to Gutenberg, I’ll keep you updated via social media. General trip updates will be posted to my personal Facebook account, and letterpress-oriented photos will be posted to Expedition’s Instagram account. Do follow along and let me know of any letter-filled destinations you’re partial to in Barcelona, Lisbon, Amsterdam, and western Germany. Hurrah hurrah! Hooray for travel and investing in widening perspectives.

"get out of jail free" printed on gold foil card

The shop is now closed until Monday June 22nd. I will have intermittent email access while out of the country, but I do not expect to be able to respond with substance until late June. I look forward to catching up with y’all upon my return and crafting a few trip-related posts.

And I’m off! Have a great month.