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Reading “Apenimonodan / Trust” by Margaret Noodin



Poetry Lunch S2E1

Reading “Apenimonodan / Trust” by Margaret Noodin from What the Chickadee Knows, published by Wayne State University Press.

Can’t remember the exact format and apologize for the sniffles — not feeling too hot here at the tail end of Covid but decided to hop back into Poetry Lunch anyway because! It helps.


Wishing you so many people in your life worth polishing, and plenty opening alongside any needed shutting.

I haven't made a print from this yet but I hope to soon. Here is the bonus conversation with Margaret Noodin on Poetry Unbound that I reference, and also the episode they did on another one of the poems from this book, so beautiful too: "Gimaazinibii'amoon / A Message to You." You get to hear Margaret singing and reading in Anishinaabemowin.

Update spring 2023: a print of this poem now exists!


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Links to purchase

Get the book here: What the Chickadee Knows and the print here: Apenimonodan.