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Listening to “Maunakea” by No‘u Revilla



Poetry Lunch S5E5

Listening to No‘u Revilla read “Maunakea” from Ask the Brindled, Milkweed Editions.


Well I feel I botched the video part of this entirely but the point was to get to listen together to the brilliant poet No‘u Revilla read her poem. I am grateful she shared the recording and I agree with her heartily that “poetry needs to be put back in the body.”

I hadn’t thought of it that way but perhaps that’s the point of these Poetry Lunch readings, is to put poetry in our bodies, midday, in the middle of all things. I struggled to bring myself here today. I’m between difficult doctor appointments and painting contractors and too many press runs and prints to pack before hopping a plane to LA on Friday.

But then I listened to No‘u and felt transported. Not to where she is, but back to myself. Could you hear the faint birds in the background? The birds are louder each morning these days it seems. This poem makes me miss my grandma, and worry and wonder after the seeds inside me and out, and remember the regenerative qualities of water. Her voice holding that word four times feels like a deep drink of something I needed.

I hope for you too.


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