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Reading “Miss you. Would like to take a walk with you.” by Gabrielle Calvocoressi



Poetry Lunch S2E6

Reading “Miss you. Would like to take a walk with you.” by Gabrielle Calvocoressi, published in Poetry magazine Oct 2021.


Welcoming all the sadness that comes with remembering loved ones long gone—and feeling grateful for my capacity to grieve. To feel! It seems a simple thing but I grew up with a real threat in my family tree of unfeeling. Lack of empathy. Inability to love. So when I am overcome with grief, even in the seizing, halting, blustery nose-blowing gasping throes of it, there’s always a small hard seed of gratitude for the feeling I am feeling.

I love! I love so many and so much. Loss is inextricable from loving of course but I’d not trade it. I know the big feelings one direction stretch and grow our insides for big feelings in every direction; so grief and joy are not unrelated. My capacity for both grows with every new loss and every new love.


Today’s poem is not yet in a book as far as I know. I found it on Poetry Foundation's website.

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