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Reading “November 19, 2016” by Cedar Sigo



Poetry Lunch S2E12

Reading “November 19, 2016” by Cedar Sigo from All This Time, published by Wave Books.


Poetry is the part
that no one sees


This poem has my mind branching and stretching in many directions, I love the simplicity and open feeling I get alongside very concrete imagery. Maybe because of the imagery?

There’s a lot of intentional spacing in this poem on the page. I’ve lived with this poem less then 24hrs so don’t have much to say besides hooray! Poetry strikes again! Caught me in the middle of the mundane and sprung my self wide open.

I love these lines “Do not revisit / poems the next day // they have already rejoined the actual” Cedar is a master at line breaks that make you do a double take.

The act of reading this poem out loud for my second ever reading of it (maybe third) gave me powerful instruction about the power of reading out loud. I work so deeply with what I see but of course. Poetry is what’s not seen. And when we listen—oh! The poem changed for me while I was reading it to you just now. I was hearing it for the first time too and I felt it enter me differently. What beautiful sounds.


And that's a wrap for season 2 of Poetry Lunch! Cheers to the edge of this year running up against the next; thanks for all your listening and speaking and reading; till next season.


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