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Reading “Printer’s Note” and “Poem at Lunch” by Gray Zeitz



Poetry Lunch S2E3

Reading “Printer’s Note” and “Poem at Lunch” by Gray Zeitz from No Time Lost in Whetting, published by Larkspur Press.


Time’s been a big topic on my mind of late, all the ways it moves so fast and slow and all the ways I feel I have it and don’t (mostly the latter). Gray is someone I think of when I’m fretting over the slowness of my craft and my own approach and also the physical correspondence and voice to voice communications I often drop into deeply but then emerge worried over what I’ve not gotten done.

Gray reminds me that huge amounts of work can get done, and pleasurably, by practicing one’s craft well and unhurried, and all while prioritizing poetry and people. His poems settle me in the daily life of neighbors and the natural world, steadfast and straightforward tending of community as one of our many basic needs. I share that propensity and goodness do I wish to drop the hurry that creeps into me with anxiety close behind if left unchecked.

Wishing you flowers at just the right moment and many many more poems at lunch!


To buy the book head over to and be prepared to find your checkbook. Gray doesn’t own a computer but he's real lovely to talk to on the phone. I highly recommend calling. Plus all his books are worth holding. And reading!